What is the Twoey

The "Twoey" refers to a two-handed backhand in pickleball, a technique that has been pioneered and popularized by pros like Connor Garnett, who arguably has one of the best in the game.

Benefits of the Twoey
The twoey allows players to come around the outside of the ball, taking full advantage of modern paddle technology that enhances spin and power. This technique is becoming increasingly prevalent due to its numerous benefits:

- Additional Shape: The twoey provides greater ability to shape shots, making them more difficult for opponents to anticipate and return.
- Aggressive Topspin Dinking: At the kitchen line, the twoey enables aggressive topspin dinks, adding a new layer of complexity to close-quarters play.
- Control on Baseline Rolls: It offers superior control on baseline rolls, helping players maintain precision even during powerful shots.

Considerations in Pickleball
While the two-handed backhand offers clear advantages, it's worth noting that the additional power isn't as beneficial in pickleball compared to other racket sports due to the smaller court size. The fast-paced nature of the game and the power already generated by modern paddles can diminish the necessity of added power from a two-handed stroke.

To see Connor Garnett break down the twoey in detail, check out his video here: Connor Garnett on the Twoey.