History of the TWOEY

Pickleball experienced a significant surge in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019. At that time, pickleball paddle handles were smaller, making it difficult to execute a two-handed backhand, or "twoey," comfortably.

With the sport's hyper-competitive growth in recent years, paddle manufacturers have continuously updated their materials, paddle cores, dimensions, and more to gain a competitive edge. Among these innovations, the introduction of longer handles has significantly impacted the game.

The longer handles have enabled the rise of the TWOEY in the professional game, adding pressure on each shot from the baseline and at the kitchen line. This change allows players to generate additional spin more easily, enhancing their overall performance.

A prime example of this innovation is the ProXR Connor Garnett paddle, which features a longer 6-inch handle designed specifically to accommodate the two-handed backhand. You can check it out here