Connor Garnett's TWOEY Origin Story

Connor Garnett has recently ascended the ranks in pickleball, boasting over 15 PPA medals across various events. His achievements include a SportsCenter Top 10 appearance, a gold medal in the PPA LA Open and more, all thanks to his signature two-handed backhand, known as the "Twoey."

From Baseball to Tennis
Connor's athletic journey began with baseball, where his father taught him to bat left-handed. Left-handed batting provided an advantage by giving pitchers a different look and placing him a step closer to first base. The skills he developed in baseball translated seamlessly into tennis, where he felt naturally comfortable on the backhand side, even preferring to run around forehands to hit backhands. In contrast, his forehand required significant improvement and some might even say "reconstructive surgery."

Transition to Pickleball
This innate comfort with the backhand carried over to pickleball. Connor quickly developed a love for executing his two-handed backhand off the bounce at the kitchen line. Drawing inspiration from Anna Leigh's unique off the bounce attacking on the womens side, Connor took that same innovation to the men's side. He pushed the envelope by hitting ATP (around the post) shots from previously unexpected positions, showcasing his skill and expanding the boundaries of what is possible in pickleball.

Connor Garnett's unique journey and innovative play have made him a standout player in the pickleball community, with his Twoey backhand becoming a signature move that sets him apart.