The CG Twoey

Hey all,
The twoey is gaining popularity especially this year and we have seen Ben and others starting to adopt it. The main things when hitting this shot are a 1) Strong left hand involvement  2) Compact swing 3) Utilizing the Kinetic Chain. These are key, but also see below my YouTube video for a complete and comprehensive look at the twoey!
1) Strong left hand involvement - The left hand is one of the most important things on the backhand. You will see some players working on hitting lefty to build that strength. Make sure that your right hand is along for the ride but the left hand does the bulk of the work. Start by dipping the paddle tip to gain spin and throw the left hand across which will naturally finish across the body. I will put my left pointer finger on the back face of the paddle to get additional feel and allow me to come around the ball. This allows me to even generate some side spin through this when dinking.
2) Compact swing - With the left hand on the paddle it helps keep a shorter swing than what we see on the forehand, but it is key to make sure that once your right shoulder (inverse for a lefty) hits your chin the backswing is big enough. The power comes from the kinetic chain in point three.
3) Utilizing the Kinetic Chain - I have seen people through clinics and other coaching events overuse the arms for power; however, until the hips bring the paddle out on contact my upper body is still and then I will add a swing with the arms to get topspin and add additional torque. This employs the bigger muscle groups (i.e. Legs, hips, core) for the bulk of the power and the the smaller ones for the finish and spin
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